Roads & Bridges State-by-State Report


This interactive map represents the accumulation and aggregation of various sources of infrastructure data and coverage, from road and bridge condition statistics, to daily news coverage by R&B editors, to projects big and small across the 50 states, as well as technological advancements and pilot projects, funding trends, and legislative action, both pending and passed. Please click on a state to view the state’s grade and find more information.



This state system is in generally very good condition and shows an ability to make promising strides in the near- to long-term with regard to further improvement of its road and bridge system.



This state system is doing reasonably well, but bears room for improvement. Signs of concern and deterioration exist in either the road or bridge network, or possibly both, and funding levels are not meeting present needs.



This state system shows areas in need of obvious improvement and/or is facing an immediate and potentially long-term dearth of funding, either from lack of state-level tax base or a plateaued level of ancillary funding, or both.



This state system is at risk and for the most part in poor or below standard conditions. A large portion of the road or bridge network, or both, shows significant deterioration, and throughout both systems there are signs of potential asset failure.



This state system is in crisis. Either the road or bridge system, or both, shows an alarming percentage of poor/degraded assets, and funding levels do not presently approach what is required in order to make significant measurable strides toward improvement. Asset failure in the road and bridge system is an apex concern.