Flooding Damages 10 Freeway Near the Arizona-California Border

Aug. 29, 2022
It is unknown when the eastbound lanes will open

Raging floodwaters washed out a section of the eastbound 10 Freeway near the California-Arizona border in Riverside County on the California side on Wednesday night.

A monsoonal flood, bringing thunderstorms, rain, and high winds, damaged the roadway, collapsing the road. The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) shared photos of the damage on Twitter.

Originally, Caltrans had warned that both directions of the 10 Freeway were closed due to flooding, however, late Wednesday night the westbound lanes finally reopened. Traffic was heavy, and slowed to a crawl.

Caltrans maintenance crews worked through the night to clear mud and water from Highway 177 and some drivers were left stranded.

Drivers may continue to face major delays and Caltrans suggests using an alternate route, including taking Highway 62 to get back onto the 10 Freeway in Whitewater. On Friday afternoon, Caltrans said some of the eastbound lanes are expected to reopen early next week.

It is unknown when the eastbound lanes will reopen, however Caltrans has provided some suggestions on detours.

  • SR-86/111 to I-8 or SR-78
  • SR-177 to SR-62 into Arizona
  • SR-177 to SR-62 to US-95, head south to Blythe and connect back onto I-10 into Arizona
  • I-15 to I-40 into Needles and Parker, Arizona
  • I-15 to I-8 into Arizona


Source: Fox11