Elevate structural health monitoring with digital twins

Sept. 19, 2023
Join us on demand to discover how Denver's Highland Bridge utilizes cutting-edge IoT and digital twin technology for real-time insights and enhanced structural health.
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This webinar was originally held on September 19, 2023 and is now available for on demand viewing.

Duration: 1 Hour

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Denver’s Highland Bridge provides pedestrians and bicyclists with a safe passage from the Highland neighborhood to downtown. However, its unique design produces unusual maintenance considerations, and the ends of the bridge rest on bearings which causes it to move more than other similarly sized bridges. Because of its dynamic nature, the team wanted more detailed, real-time insights that aren’t provided by manual inspections during regular maintenance intervals.

Join us to hear from the project team on how:

  • They installed low-cost wireless sensors along the length of the bridge
  • They created an immersive digital twin model of the bridge informed by real-time IoT data
  • The real-time IoT data and digital twin model can provide better insights on the bridge’s behavior and structural health
  • Digital twins and IoT can help to increase safety, reduce risk, improve asset management, and address potential issues before they become costly repairs


  Alan Jones
  Senior Director, Business Development, Infrastructure IoT
  Bentley Systems

With 30 years of experience, Alan Jones specializes in geotechnical and structural instrumentation and monitoring. During that time, he worked in contracting, consulting, and manufacturing, in various technical, sales, and managerial roles. Alan has a wealth of experience designing and commissioning monitoring systems for bridges, tunnels, rail roads, and more. He has worked on large monitoring projects across Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. As the Senior Director of Business Development for Bentley Infrastructure IoT, Alan collaborates with users on monitoring projects to ensure they have the right equipment, along with the right support and training for success.

  Ferdinando Frediani
  Move Solutions

Passionate about Electronic Engineering, Ferdinando Frediani is the CEO of Move S.p.A., a company specialized in supporting the research and development of electronic solutions for different industries. In 2017 he co-founded Move Solutions, a division aimed at addressing the problems of material degradation and lack of asset monitoring related to the infrastructure crisis; they have been doing that by designing sensors and data processing tools for innovative structural analysis. Ferdinando has recently founded Move-X, a second division that supports organizations worldwide in designing IoT modules for power-constrained applications and cutting-edge ASICs, including PMICs and Lidar SPADs. Ferdinando’s vision is to keep leveraging the power of the latest technologies to drive innovation for safer, more efficient, and more sustainable communities.​

  John Barone
  Principal, Infrastructure Technology Lead

For the past 25 years, John has been fortunate to play a major role in reimagining how our industry delivers projects using technology in a continual, fast-paced environment. Bringing his 34 years of experience in the AEC industry, his passion lies in using technology to help Stantec bring value to their clients. At Stantec, John runs the Digital Practice group that is responsible for all digital design technology. His team is tasked with keeping Stantec’s Infrastructure Business Operating Unit at the front of the industry, focusing on parametric, generative, and computational design, digital delivery/BIM for Infrastructure, animation/visualization/AR/VR, digital twins, and anything that makes Stantec and our clients better. In partnering with vendors like Bentley and Move Solutions we identify opportunities to pilot technology that proves its benefit to our clients.

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