Maximize Quality, Lifespan and Budget with the Right Crack Sealer

Nov. 29, 2022

Having the right crack sealant is a key component in the pavement preservation program in Tempe, Arizona. Temperatures in both summer and winter put a strain on road materials, causing cracks and other damage that can lead to potholes. The city’s use of high-quality, high-performance sealant in road maintenance efforts ensures that the city’s drivers can look forward to smooth roads and has helped the transportation department get the funding it needs to maximize preventative maintenance.

The city estimates that preservation is much cheaper than major rehabilitation or replacement, and that it can maintain four to ten times more streets through preservation efforts than if it were simply fixing bad roads.

In this case study, we evaluate the process that Tempe has used for pavement preservation, as well the benefits that can be achieved with a diligent crack-sealing program, using high-performance sealants.

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